School and Public Library Cooperation

In the summer of 2007 we asked public librarians around the state of Pennsylvania to submit information regarding the work they have done with the schools in their area. The response was tremendous! PA librarians work very well together, as you will see!

Click here to see the article for the PaLA Bulletin, September 2007 edition,as well as copies of the Dauphin County Library System's SRC Teachers' Page and Coloring Page.

Please remember- the article you see on the blog is not edited so please excuse my mistakes! :) Just wanted to give you an opportunity to see it before it is published.

SHARE YOUR STORIES, PICTURES, ETC! Email me at to shout about what you and your schools have been doing together!

Outreach Pictures from Virginia Miller - Adams County!

LIU-12 Migrant Ed 4-25-07
As part of our One Book, Every Young Child outreach I did a program on "A Splendid Friend, Indeed" for the Lincoln Intermediate Unit (LIU) headed by Lori Grim. This was presented for a migrant group within Adams county who live here permanently. We had 20 adults and 12 children come to this monthly event.
- Virginia Green, Outreach/ Community Relations Librarian, Adams County Library System

More Pictures from Virginia and Adams Co.!

"I was the "guest speaker" for the End of Year Celebration of the Emory United Methodist Church Nursery School in New Oxford, PA. I used the OBEYC trunk and had a blast entertaining 50 people, 25 children and 25 adults at this May 10, 2007 event."- Virginia Miller, Outreach / Community Relations Librarian, Adams County Library System

Thanks you, Virginia!